Halloween Party 2022

- 11/9/2022

A Halloween Party was held at the post canteen on Saturday, October 28 with special drinks and music by a live band, Slingshot. Cash prizes were awarded for the three best costumes as judged by the staff.
Pictured below are the top three winners plus other costumed partygoers.
First place 

First place winner, Joanne Neff, $100 prize.
Second place 

Second place winner, Emily Pendergrast, $75 prize.
Third place winner, Kristi Dittbrenner (right), $50 prize, with friend Amanda Johnson.
John Rubino says two heads are better than one. His girlfriend, Brenda Pezone, may not agree.

Happy hippy, Gloria Medina.
Roaring 20s couple Mary Banks and Tom Boyer.

Bartender Sharon Mascherino appears to be a good "sport".