West Whiteland Township and the Downingtown VFW Post 845 are proud to announce the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. The program serves as a tribute to recognize service men and women from the West Whiteland Township area who have served or are serving our country in a branch of the military.


The banners are 18” wide by 36” tall. Each individual banner will honor a specific West Whiteland Township area service man or woman and will include his or her picture, branch of service and era of service. Sponsoring for the Hometown Heroes Banners may be by the service member’s family, friends, or a business. Sponsors will be named on the banners.


Banners will be displayed on the existing light posts on Commerce Drive in Exton from Memorial Day until Veterans Day, after which time the banner will be returned to the sponsor upon retirement of the banner. Please note: There is no guarantee as to the life of the banner, but all retired banners will be returned to the sponsor. 


The cost of $200 for sponsorship includes the banner, hanging fixtures, and shipping. 


Applications are available at www.westwhiteland.org and immediately below. 


Applications will be accepted and reviewed for approval once the following items are received – (1) a fully completed application, (2) a photo of the service member and (3) a check or money order payable to "Downingtown VFW Post 845”.




Please mail applications to:              Downingtown VFW Post 845

                                                             4601 West Lincoln Highway

                                                             Downingtown, PA  19335





West Whiteland Township Hometown Heroes Banner Program Application



Hometown Hero information (Please Print): 


Name and Rank of Person in Photo (as it should appear on banner):_________________________

Era/Years of Service (WWI, WWII, Etc,)**________________ Branch of Military:___________

Name of person submitting photo: _______________________________ 

Relationship to Hometown Hero: ____________________

Phone Number: ________________________   

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Sponsor’s Name: _____________________________

(As it should appear on banner i.e.: Joe & Jane Smith; Mom & Dad; The Smith Family)


Photo Release Form 

I hereby grant the West Whiteland Hometown Heroes Banner Program permission to use the attached photo (which includes a likeness of me or my relative) in the 2022 Hometown Heroes Program and for promotional use. I assume all responsibility for providing accurate, true and correct information regarding the veteran being honored on the banner. 


__________________     ___________________     ______________________

(Signature)                         (Date)                                   (Printed Name)


Business Sponsor

Sponsor Name  (as it should appear on banner):________________________________

Contact Name:___________________________________


Phone Number:______________________________


** Era of Service- Official Department of Defense Dates**

Global War on Terror (GWOT): September 11,2001 – To Present 

Cold War: September 2, 1945- December 26, 1991 

Persian Gulf: August 2, 1990- August 31, 1991

Vietnam Era: February 28, 1961- May 7, 1975

Korean Conflict Era: June 27,1950- January 31, 1955 

WW II Era: December 7, 1941- December 31, 1946

WW I Era: April 6, 1917- November 11, 1918




For Questions Contact:  Downingtown VFW Post Sr. Vice Commander Thomas Flick 


Email: Tflick3@comcast.net